Team manual 2019 ENG

Venue: AK Olomouc, 17. listopadu 3, Olomouc
Date: 16.-17. August 2019
Head of LOC: Pavel Vrzala
Technical director: Miroslav Hrabal
Competition secretary: Michal Boklažuk
Chief referee: Iva Machová
Competition office: Jiří Novotný
Contact address:
Deadline for sending entries is 2nd August. We cannot guarantee services for entries received after the deadline. Only official entry file, fully completed in all sheets, will be accepted. Accommodation is reserved from 15th to 17th August, any request for earlier accommodation or later departure should be made known with entries.


15.08. – arrival
16.08. – arrival, competition
17.08. – competition, departure

NEW !!! – Athletes U18 are welcome and will compete and be awarded separately from adults classes.

NEW !!! – Czech Open 2019 LOC is preparing a special price money award system for you. This system will be introduced by 30.4.2019.

Conditions for participation:
Participants have to be entered for the competition in time, prior to the deadline. Athletes allowed in classes T/F10-20-30-40-50-60.

Participation for athletes will be free of charge (competition fee, local transport, drinks during the competition and use of sports facilities included).

    • Student’s hostel accommodation – cca 45 EUR per person and night (full board).
    • Hotel accommodation – cca 75 EUR per person and night (full board).

An invoice will be issued as soon as the entry form is received.

Bank account (EUR):
Komerční­ banka a.s., Tř. Svobody 1035/14, CZ-772 00 Olomouc
IBAN format: CZ9201000001158733560247
Beneficiary: Atletický klub Olomouc z.s.

Team manager or competitor will submit:
  • Confirmation about participation fees transfer,
  • IPC classification card,
  • Copy of entry form.
National only
Technical Meeting:
Will be held on 15.8.2019 at 19:00. For team managers or athletes it will be the last chance for time schedule as well as start list changes.
IPC athletics rules.
All events in case of interest at least 2 athletes. Medals to be provided only for events with at least 3 athletes. Athletes allowed in classes T/F10-20-30-40-50.
Have to be submitted to the Competition Office written on the official form with a deposit of CZK 500,- (EUR 20,00) within 30 minutes after the official results announcement.
Transfer from and to airport will be arranged and charged extra on demand: Prague airport – Olomouc stadium/hotel and return = 80 EUR per person.
All participants have the duty to observe safety regulations and other regulations of the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the schedule.