Dear friends,

we would like to present to you the official results of Virtual competition of Czech Open 2020.

All videos that we have received show great performances and effort and we appreciate the hard work of the sportsmen and their coaches who organized the competition virtually in the perfect way.

The best overall result among men was achieved by Vasily Zaytsev in Shot Put with 995 points, followed by Nikolay Valterov in Club Throw (926 points) and Stanislav Kashaev in Shot Put (900 points).

In the women cathegories the best results were achieved by Galina Lipatnikova with 926 points, followed by Aleksandra Zaitseva (920 points) and Vera Isakova (880 points) all in Shot Put.

Complete results sorted by events can be found here.

Each competitor will receive a competition certificate via email.

We hope you enjoyed our competition and we will be glad to welcome you personally for Czech Open 2021 in Olomouc next year.

On behalf of Organization Commitee of Czech Open 2020, thank you again and we wish you good health and best of luck for the rest of the season.


Pavel Vrzala